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Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
December, 20 2018

Valencia CF and Agrupació de Penyes toast to the centenary

The collective’s last meeting of 2018 took place this week

The traditional Valencia CF Christmas visit to the Agrupació de Penyes (Supporters Group Associatio) took place on Thursday night, and the participants emphasised the importance of unity in the club’s centenary year.

In attendance were Valencia CF President Anil Murthy, Agrupació de Penyes President Fede Sagreras, and VCF Footballers Association President Fernando Giner, and the trio gave the customary Christmas toast.

They did so with the new centenary flag as a key feature. The recreation of the 1924 flag will have increasing prominence in the run-up to the events commemorating 100 years of Valencia CF.

Sagreras commented that “We Valencianistas have to be more united than ever ahead of the centenary. From today onwards, we have a new flag. We are going to have a spectacular 2019 and I’m sure that we are going to enjoy it a lot.”

Before listening to supporters group members’ opinions and concerns, Anil Murthy led the toast to future success.

“I’m always happy to be here with you. This is my second time doing this; the circumstances are a little different to last year in terms of the league table, but we shouldn’t stop holding evets like this because the club work with good people. The Agrupació de Penyes bring the club closer to all the Supporters Group members. I want to congratulate Fede Sagreras and his directors for the work they are doing in this regard.”

“We are working with the Agrupació de Penyes and the Fan Department at the club, with the aim being that all Supporters Groups in Spain and in countries like the USA, Japan and Russia celebrate our 100th anniversary together.”

Fallas design unveiled at the event

The Agrupació showed off the blueprint for the ‘falla’ doll that will be placed in Plaza Luis Casanova on March 18th, designed by Manuel Algarra. Sagreras explained that the design “will be made with a lot of affection, and the hearts of every Valencianista will be in it.”

Giner added that “It’s a smaller doll, but the grandiosity is here, in the people it represents.”

Peñas together at Mestalla for March 24th legends game

Another initiative for the collective is for the Supporters Groups from around the world to occupy a section of Mestalla for the March 24th game between VCF Legends and Spain Legends.