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December, 26 2018

Neto: “We have the capability to get to where we deserve to be"

Neto is enjoying his first Christmas period as a father in 2018

Christmas 2018 has been a special one for Valencia CF's Neto Murara, as the first festive period for the Brazilian since the birth of his daughter back in January. Despite the busy time for the goalkeeper over the winter break, he took a moment to speak with VCF MEDIA in an exclusive interview.

In what ways has fatherhood changed your life?

As all fathers will tell you, having a child is a positive change from the moment they are born. It's been a change for the better and adds a lot to your day-to-day life. You see things that you've never seen before, which is the best thing that you can say.

Valencia CF are the side with the third fewest goals conceded in LaLiga this season. What does this mean to you?

On a personal level I feel good. I have everything that a person could need: A spectacular family, a spectacular job... That is reflected on the field of play. Everything that happens is a consequence of hard work, how you feel and what you transmit. I hope to be able to enjoy this even more and keep growing and improving.

Is this one of your best moments as a professional footballer?

I think so. In the end, in every job there are good and bad times, but every period helps you to become complete and experience good things. I'm very happy with what I'm going through now, which are things that I hadn't experienced before, and I feel really good.

What has Valencia CF given you that makes you feel so happy?

When you join Valencia CF you encounter a city that gives you a lot. The climate helps and the club leave you in peace to be able to work. That makes you feel good. Going to training and being able to do what you enjoy, at the highest level, with professionals who help you, is fundamental for feeling good. When you finish the session you go home knowing that you've taken a step forward and improved.

The first half of the season has finished. The results haven't gone as expected, but the team still have much to show this season.

In the end, things aren't going as we want. It's been a different start to the season to what we were looking to have, but that's football. Professionals at the highest level have to live with this, get out of these situations and show what kind of a player they are. We have the capability to get to where we want to be and where we deserve to be; the club deserve to be higher up the table. I certainly won't be lacking in effort and dedication so that we can turn things around and be up there.