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January, 09 2019

Neto's secret passion

He's shown a great level since his arrival to Valencia CF. In the current season he is the fourth goalkeeper with the least goals in LaLiga, but he is ambitious and every day he works hard to keep growing. But how is Neto outside of a soccer field? What’s your other passion? "I really like golf," says the Brazilian goalkeeper to VCF MEDIA.

He is a sports lover, he was in his stage in Italy when "out of curiosity" he started in the world of golf receiving some lessons. It is true that at first nothing came out, which led to stopping practices for few weeks. "When I like sports I try to play, I have fun, but at the beginning I suffered with golf and I quit," Neto admits, until he arrived in Valencia and sought his own rematch. What happened?

Upon arriving in Valencia he began to live near a golf course, an ideal circumstance to resume his challenge to play golf well. "I went back to teaching and playing, still not good at it, but I will not quit, because when you start to understand how it works you get hooked. That happens to me, I try to play in my spare time; You are in the nature, you have fun, you enjoy, it is very relaxing for me. You play with yourself in the field, you have to be focused. I have good and bad days (laughs). Sometimes you throw the ball into the water... or then you have a nice hit and you're great. I love it," he acknowledges.

Apart from practicing, Neto also likes to watch golf on television. "I learn a lot watching it on television, watching the movements, it's what I watch most on television," he says, before speaking about the referents he has: "What Michael Jordan is in basketball, in golf is Tiger Woods. He is a legend, but there are also other great players like Jon Rahm, Sergio García ... whenever I can I try to watch them".