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January, 11 2019

Marcelino: "I don't see the team giving up or not caring"

The Valencia CF coach expressed his opinions on the game against Real Valladolid and more on Friday

In the run-up to Saturday's game against Real Valladolid, Valencia CF coach Marcelino García Toral spoke to the media in his pre-match press conference.

How do you face the game against Valladolid? Is it a final?

For me, it's a game just like any other. I always face games with the same responsibility, which is to win. I only consider one option at the start of the game, which it winning, and that's the same for this match against Valladolid. We need to win, we're playing at Mestalla and we're the favourites, so we're going to show that over the course of the 90 minutes.

What reasons do you have for believing that the team are going to react?

This team train very well, despite the negativity that bad results brings both inside and outside the group, they train, work hard and get on with things in a very positive way. The team have always been close to winning; we've lost very few games and we generate a lot of chances.

We've had a lot of difficulty scoring goals up until now. That's meant that when results are close we are paying more attention to not losing than to playing to win. I would tell the fans that this will be a tough game, and that when there is uncertainty their support will help us to get a favourable result.

Why are you convinced that the team are going to win?

I always am. I was convinced before the Alavés and Sporting games. The result of the previous match never changes my mood. The team aren't in such bad shape; I can see inconsistency and a lack of assuredness, but I don't see them giving up or not caring and I don't see any division. That would worry me, and it's for that reason that I'm always convinced that we're going to win.

I think that we could have won the immense majority of games that we've had. In Vitoria we could have won, but at the moment we're lacking finishing and luck comes into it. I can't think that this is going to last forever. In the last six games at Mestalla, we've won five.

What would I ask for? As we're struggling to kill games off, I'd say scoring the second goal. The lack of assuredness generates a dip in confidence, but I don't have any reason not to be convinced that we'll win. I believe in the ability of my players.

After what Mateu Alemany said yesterday, do you think that the club could sack you if the team don't win?

I'm not thinking about any other possibility than winning against Real Valladolid. I've had no ultimatum from the club and I've received complete support since the day I arrived. I am grateful for Mateu's public show of support yesterday, for both my coaching staff and I. There is no possibility of me even considering that we might not win.

Is Kang In ready for a starting role?

The coach has to be very responsible. It's a determining factor in how he undertakes his job. Starting Kang In would be a complete act of cowardice on my part. Kang In is here to help us, but not to be the savious of Valencia CF.

What do you think about Valladolid?

Valladolid are the LaLiga side with the third most points away from home. They are well organised, with good counterattacks and direct play. They cross in from the wings and are very fast and well balanced. It's going to be hard to win this game, but at the end we'll have the three points.

What message would you give to the fans to go to the Copa del Rey second leg, given what Mateu Alemany and yourself said about it not being a priority?

I look out for VCF's interests, which is to be as high up the table as possible. It's important to win, and I'm convinced that with two or three wins we will turn this situation around. There will be moments of difficulty, but the team are sure to want to win.