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January, 12 2019

Marcelino: "We had the opportunities to have won comprehensively"

The Valencia CF coach gave a post-match press conference after the 1-1 draw with Real Valladolid

Marcelino addressed the media following the Matchday 19 draw with Real Valladolid, talking about the team's performance and expressing his gratitude for the extraordinary behaviour of the fans at Mestalla.

What evaluation do you make of the game?

There are dynamics that are difficult to explain. This isn't the first time that we've had a game like this at Mestalla, in which we were completely superior and the opposition scored with a one-off chance. We had the opportunities to have won comprehensively, but games are won when you score more goals than you're opponents.

I want to thank the fans for their great behaviour with the team. In moments of difficulty they got behind the team and I think this is the way that we will convert deserving to win into a victory. With their support, the players play with more confidence. We're frustrated at not having been able to turn our good play into a win.

Do you fear the sack?

I never pay attention to the situation; my job is to look for solutions. If the club consider that there would be a change of dynamic and they would start to win games, and consider that I'm the one responsible for the situation, then they will take the decision that they have to take. I would accept it, but I wouldn't agree with it because there are circumstances beyond the control of the coach. Valencia CF are above any person who belongs to this great club. I'm convinced that the squad are behind their coach and the coaching staff.

Was it agreed that Rodrigo would take the penalty?

There are players who practice penalties, and Rodrigo and Parejo decided that he was the best solution. I respect the decision and back it completely.

Are there fears of missing out on fourth place?

It will be tough to get into the Champions League spots. We would have to have an amazing second half of the season. We have to focus on the next game. We've got very few points; with 11 draws you drop a lot of points.