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February, 14 2019

Marcelino: "This tie isn't decided yet, but it's well set up"

The coach gave his opinions on the game against Celtic

Marcelino García Toral was happy with the showing from his side against Celtic, and reflected positively on the 0-2 win at Celtic Park in his post-match press conference.

"We had a great game. From a defensive point of view, we played at a very high level, which is the product of the huge commitment from our players. We stretched the opposition gradually and the first goal was an important moment. The second goal at the start of the second half provides us with a very favourable situation," he told journalists.

"The two strikers helped a lot when we didn't have the ball, and ran their hearts out. They helped us to counterattack and always provided an outlet for the passes. With two strikers out, we had to use Cheryshev and Sobrino, who performed very well. They are two versatile players who will be good for us with so many games. Overall, we played really well, were fluid, defended well and attacked in an organised way," the coach continued.

"The atmosphere was extraordinary. Fortunately, we managed to limit it with our play. We competed in every phase and showed once again that the enormous commitment from the players is what needs to continue in the present and the future."

"I would have taken a 0-2 result if it were offered to me before the game. The 2-2 result in the Copa del Rey, I wouldn't have taken, as it's just a small advantage. This tie isn't decided yet, but it's well set up. We would have to make a big mistake to not go through," he concluded after a memorable night in Scotland.