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February, 20 2019

Legends of the Centenary: Mista

VCF Media sit down with the striker-turned-coach


Miguel Ángel Ferrer ‘Mista’ rose to prominence at Valencia CF in one of the club's greatest ever eras. He arrived in 2001, spending five goal-filled years at the club in which he won two LaLiga titles, the UEFA Cup and the European Supercup. During his 225 official games for VCF, he found the net on 61 occasions.

Now the coach of the Juvenil A team at the VCF Academy, Mista recapped his playing career at the club to VCF MEDIA ahead of the club's Centenary.

Signing for Valencia CF
"My signing for Valencia CF came about when, the summer before my arrival, I spent my last year at Tenerife. Valencia CF decided to sign me, with Javier Subirats in charge of the move. In preseason I went to Madrid, passed my medical with Valencia CF, and they decided to loan me out. Tenerife had asked for that, and so I spent another year there. I finished off the season there, in which we earned promotion to LaLiga, and the next year I came here. That's when Rafa Benitez and Pako Ayestaran were at the club. Both Curro Torres and I were brought in. Rafa Benitez gave me the OK to stay at the club as part of the first team, and it's there that my time at Valencia CF really began."

The surprise of the move
"It was a surprise for me. At that time, Valencia CF had lost the Champions League final the year before and were fighting with the top teams for the LaLiga title. When the opportunity arose to come here, I was a little confused to begin with, as I didn't know if it could be true. Afterwards, thankfully the move went through. I remember perfectly that when my agent came to me and told me about coming to Valencia CF, it was the biggest surprise of my life."

The best years of his career
"On a personal level, it was a very good time for me. I experienced things that I'd never dreamed of, winning trophies. Above all, everyone from that generation earned respect from the fans that will last forever. That's almost the most important thing that a player can have. We experienced unforgettable things here, and I look back on my career and consider myself very fortunate, as there are players who have long careers without experiencing what we did. I'll forever be grateful to Valencia CF for everything that they've given me."

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